A Typical Day for a Blood Bikes Volunteer

Blood Products, COVID-19 Samples, Prescription Medication & much more each day

Our riders are out there 24/7
365 days a year

We are often asked what our typical day is like – well every day is different as we never really know what runs we will be receiving from our hospitals or clinics.

Suffice to say that we are never bored and our call handlers keep us busy passing runs to us whilst we are on the road.

As a 24 hour organisation our volunteers are arranged into two shifts covering the night hours and daytime hours. A controller/call handler is appointed for each period whose role is to take the calls for service from our NHS partners and contact the duty riders with the job.

The day starts with the duty phone being transferred to the duty Call Handler who is sitting at home in the main going about daily business. Calls start coming in from the various service partners and the duty riders have booked on duty with the call handler ready to receive the jobs.

Once the call handler is ready to allocate the jobs he/she will task the riders with the runs he/she has logged and off they go. There is a high degree of resource planning involved to ensure we maximise the use of our team throughout the day and often we will be transporting consignments to more than one location at a time. There are even times when we will relay with other Blood Bike Groups who will take on a consignment to a distant location to save time and rider fatigue in travelling long distances.

As every day is different, riders can expect to do between 7 and 15 runs in a day shift but overnight this drastically decreases to maybe one or two runs depending on emergencies requiring further call outs.

The relationship between rider and call handler is paramount when aiming to achieve an efficient service delivery. Clear and concise instructions on what and where to deliver the consignment is vital and patient confidentiality is at the top of our list.

All in all, a satisfying role for each volunteer in the chain and one which sees our people smiling in the knowledge that they have helped our NHS that day is some small way.



“The role of the controller is very satisfying and at the end of the day, you know you have given a great service to the local hospitals and clinics we serve. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a controller/call handler.”

Heather M

“As a motorcyclist of many years and being trained to the highest level, it is very rewarding to give something back to the community with a skill I have developed and enjoy. No two shifts are the same and you know that what you are doing could eventually save a life.”

Graham B

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