Derbyshire Blood Bikes – Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Derbyshire Blood Bikes – Corona Virus (Covid-19)

We are busier than ever with our voluntary service here in Derbyshire, not least because we’re supporting the additional needs of our local NHS during this current health emergency.

Also, the welfare of our volunteers, patients, staff and the public is important and the rapidly changing advice presents a number of challenges and is having a real impact on individual volunteers and our charity.

We have cancelled all our fundraising engagements for the next three months. A number of our supporters have also cancelled events, including a sponsored cycle ride and a theatre performance. We have also cancelled any non-essential parts of our service during this period. This means our fundraising income has gone or has been deferred for several months at a time when our operating costs are increasing.

We also face pressures as some of our volunteers are in the ‘vulnerable’ groups and cannot now help at this time. Sadly, because of the restrictions placed on us all, training new volunteers has been suspended until such time as we can be sure that this can be done safely. Other volunteers are stepping up their contributions so we will have a full team working 24 hours every day.

As we deliver our service, we are taking practical steps to adhere to current advice and agreed best practice;

  • If any of our volunteers have any symptoms, no matter how mild, they have been asked to stand down and self-isolate
  • Our volunteers will take every opportunity to ensure hygiene standards are met by regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitisers
  • Our volunteers will attempt, wherever possible, to maintain social distance. This will include spending as little time as possible within our hospitals
  • When collecting or delivering to wards, any handovers will take place at the doors to the ward and not in clinical areas
  • When delivering medication to a patient at home, they are, by definition, vulnerable in health terms. We will treat all as though they are in self-isolation, and after identity verification, make the delivery on the doorstep, keeping at least 3 meters distance from the patient. We will not ask for a signature on our documents
  • When collecting donated milk, similarly, we will pre-arrange the ‘remote handover’ process, placing an opened transport bag on the doorstep. The donor will put the bottles of frozen milk into the bag and step away. The volunteer will then seal the bag. On arrival at a Milk Bank, we will comply with any handover process put in place by staff.
  • All our journeys will be made in clearly liveried vehicles, operated by and registered to Derbyshire Blood Bikes. Our journeys are classed as ‘essential’ to the operation of NHS services

Should more stringent legal powers be taken by the Government, we hope that our service remains operable within the legislation and we can continue to support our medical services.

Finally, we have some financial contingency that means we can continue our operations during this initial 3-month period but we will closely monitor our operating costs relating to fuel and fleet maintenance. So, an appeal too!

We know that many individuals and businesses may also be finding the current situation difficult, but if there is anyone out there who can help Derbyshire Blood Bikes (or even your local blood bike charity because we know they will all be facing the same challenges), please do so.

If you can help Derbyshire Blood Bikes, please call our general enquiries line on 07470 903215 or Email:

Thank you

2020 comes in with the storms for DBB

2020 has come in like the winter storms for DBB, with runs totals already through the 500 mark in less than seven weeks of the new year! This was our annual total just 5 years ago! And we’re expecting even more this year as we expand our services.

More parts of our local NHS hospitals are now recognising the quality and scope of our capabilities to transport vital consignments. We’re also working hard to bring our regular service to even more parts of the Community Health and Community Midwifery services.

To do that of course, we also need the funding support and more volunteers. To be a Derbyshire Blood Biker, you’ll need to be a regular seasoned rider, with a least 2 years on a full UK licence. You’ll also need to have an advanced award from one of the recognised national Road Safety organisations.

If you think you have what it takes, please get in touch ….

New milestones; New Goals – Derbyshire Blood Bikes 20-20 vision

The recent completion of our 2000th journey for our local NHS in Derbyshire was a cause for celebration, it also signified another phenomenal increase in the demands on our FREE volunteer-led charity service. That’s good news for our enthusiastic motorcycling volunteers, but it also means our fundraising has to keep pace with the extra mileage.

Some of our journeys are made locally within a few miles of the City of Derby, such as;

  • our regular service from London Road Community Hospital to the Royal Derby Hospital
  • deliveries to many of the Health Centres across the City and Amber Valley, Erewash and South Derbyshire
  • deliveries of vital daily medication to patients at home generally within 20 miles of the Royal Derby Hospital
  • Transfers of diagnostic samples equipment or other supplies between Hospitals within the Burton and Derby Hospitals Trust group and the Chesterfield Royal Hospital

But over half of our journeys go much further;

  • diagnostic samples to NHS facilities in Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol or London
  • blood samples to NHS Blood and Transplant in Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham or Bristol

We also support the charity ‘Fighting Prostate Cancer’ who carry out prostate screening clinics across the UK, transferring their PSA samples to the testing facilities in Burton Hospital.

Together, these service will see us travel close to 100,000 miles in 2019, saving the NHS around £90,000 in transport costs.

But were not content there….

In 2020 we hope to see…

More volunteers. More fundraising events and opportunities and expanded services, with services to more parts of the NHS in Derbyshire.

National Blood Bike Awareness Day – 16th August 2019

National Blood Bike Awareness Day – 16th August 2019

We’re joining up with our friends from Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes and Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes at Pidcock BMW in Long Eaton, to celebrate volunteering as a blood biker on the National Awareness Day – Friday August 16th 2019.










So if you’re interested in finding out more about how to become a blood biker and what that means across the East

Midlands, this is the place to go. Also joining us will be the Derbyshire UpRight Motorcycle Safety Campaign.

Accompanied demo rides of the BMW range will be available and you can also get your bike cleaned too! (for a small donation to the blood bike groups).

Plenty to do so come and spend a few hours in some great motorcycle company.

See you there!

National Blood Bike Awareness Day – 16th August 2019

New Heights for DBB – 1000th 2019 Run Completed!


At just before 1pm on Friday 14th June, Ken Shaw collected consignment #1000 for delivery by Derbyshire Blood Bikes, a batch of IV antibiotics for delivery to a patient’s home.

Testimony to the tremendous teamwork by some 40 volunteers – riders and drivers, call handlers, fundraisers and those in the background doing the administration and finance stuff.

But most of all, thanks to all those supporters who give so generously to keep our wheels rolling!

Gillotts’ memories money helps keep blood bikes on the road

Gillotts’ memories money helps keep blood bikes on the road

Derbyshire Blood Bikes group picked up a £1000 donation from Gillotts Funeral Directors, in Abbott Street, Heanor, which raised the money through its annual Christmas appeal last year.

Mark Vallis, Derbyshire Blood Bikes co-ordinator, said: “Our group relies totally on fundraising and this is a significant amount of money for us, so naturally we’re extremely grateful to Gillotts for this very kind donation.

“All of our members give their time for free so all of this money will go to pay for our running costs, which will ensure that we can continue to offer a precious service to the NHS totally for free.”

Gillotts raised the money after inviting families who have lost loved ones to come into its Heanor office, as well as its four other premises, and hang messages of remembrance on Christmas trees erected in each office’s foyer during December.

The company donates £1 for each message left on the branches of its trees and raised £2,000 through its appeal, with the other £1,000 going to the Nottinghamshire’s Blood Bikes service.

Anthony Topley, a partner at Gillotts Funeral Directors, which also runs offices in Eastwood, Kimberley, Selston and Stapleford in Nottinghamshire, said: “The Derbyshire Blood Bikes carries out a vitally important service that saves the NHS thousands of pounds every year.

“It’s wonderful to think that every one of their riders and support staff are volunteers working in their spare time. Their public-mindedness is truly inspirational and we’re delighted to have raised so much money on their behalf.”

New Fundraising Platform for Derbyshire Blood Bikes

New Fundraising Platform for Derbyshire Blood Bikes

We are delighted to announce that our new online fundraising platform is now operational. offers the opportunity to make individual donations or set up an event and manage all sponsorship in one place. And the good thing is Derbyshire Blood Bikes receive 100% of any donation and the gift aid is dealt with automatically. are a charity themselves and receive corporate funding to cover their operating costs.

“In terms of maxing your cash, you can’t beat It doesn’t charge any service or processing fees to the charities, meaning 100% of your donation goes directly to doing good.”   Money Saving Expert


Derbyshire Blood Bikes receive the new BMW R1250RT blood bike

Derbyshire Blood Bikes receive the new BMW R1250RT blood bike

Thanks to another unbelievable gesture of generosity and support, Derbyshire Blood Bikes has taken delivery of a new BMW R1250RT fully equipped and liveried blood bike. The bike, supplied by Roy Pidcock Motorcycles, is the first of the new-series water-cooled motorcycles to join a blood bike fleet in the UK.

The bike comes equipped with dynamic suspension, heated grips and seat, adjustable screen and integrated satellite navigation system, meaning that Derbyshire’s blood bike volunteers will be able to complete any long distance mercy missions in comfort and safety.

We would like to say a big thank you to the local couple who donated the funds for this bike, but we respect their wishes for anonymity. Needless to say, they’ll be following the bikes service life closely.