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You too could make a difference. We are always looking for new people to join us in whatever capacity you feel suits you best. Use the form below to register your interest.

How it Works

We carry out assessments and provide full training for those who wish to join us, so you can be confident you have the skills, knowledge and qualities to become a Derbyshire Blood Biker.

Most of our service is delivered by motorcycle. We want our riders to be amongst the best riders on the roads, so an advanced riding qualification is not only ‘good to have’, its a mandatory requirement. To ensure that riders have maintained the skills they developed as part of an advanced riding group, we will carry out an assessment ride as a ‘first step’. We will look for safe, smooth riders, who apply the IPSGA system of motorcycle control.

Once you have demonstrated good standards of motorcycling, and road presence, we’ll take your application forward, through mandatory training (GMP) and familiarisation. (There is no ‘advanced driving’ requirement for our cars).

Due to the changing nature of some aspects of our voluntary work, a DBS check will be applied for. If you currently have DBS-Standard (or Enhanced) and you’re signed up for the Update Service, we can accept your current DBS Certificate.

All drivers, call handlers and fundraisers will follow the program before you volunteer.

  • Riding/Driving Assessment – undertaken with your own vehicle
  • Application
  • Initial interview
  • Licence checks
  • IAM/RoSPA checks
  • Volunteer Code
  • Data Protection
  • Mandatory GMP
  • Pharmacy Authorisation
  • DBS Check – Standard (Please note, adverse checks may mean that we do not take your application further)
  • ID Card
  • Shadow/familiarisation

Please note: – It could take several months for you to complete assessments, training and relevant checks.


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