Thank you to all those offering to come and help with our service in these unprecedented times. Our response to you deserves some explanation.

Some weeks ago, as the progress of the spread of the virus became more apparent, we took the decision to make some significant changes to what we do. Both to comply with the current advice (now law), to keep our volunteers safe and to carry out our essential work to the NHS, and of course, to ‘stop the spread and flatten the curve’.

  1. We stopped all non-essential activity
  2. We cancelled fundraising events
  3. We suspended recruitment and training

Clearly, some of this was to our detriment, but our judgement was, in the short and medium-term, that our volunteer corps and revenue reserves would sustain us. So, despite a small number of our volunteers needing to self-isolate for health reasons, the rest of our great team really stepped up to the challenge, offering more time to help our NHS.

Not only that, but a number of very welcome donations will also help with those fuel costs, up around 31% in March.

In the long term, our fundraising and recruitment will return and we are delighted that some of those offering to help have expressed an interest in joining our service when ‘normal service resumes’.

We know some have found our decision difficult to understand, but this is simply about halting the spread of the virus and keeping our current volunteer team healthy to continue our vital service to the NHS.