Solstice Challenge hailed a great success!

The Solstice Challenge is the first supported multi-participant fundraising event promoted by Derbyshire Blood Bikes.

On Saturday 23rd June, once the sun disappeared from view in Aberystwyth, Wales, over 20 sponsored participants made the 300 mile journey to greet the sunrise in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

All those involved, from sponsored participants to supporters and helpers, have praised the event as a great success, with total fundraising for Derbyshire Blood Bikes and the Ride on Jamie campaign looking set to exceed £8,000.

Thank you to all those who made the event a success but especially to the Blood Bike Groups in Wales and Norfolk who welcomed us to their areas and rode with us for at the start and finish of our journey. And, of course, all those who donated.

Check back soon for a full report, more images and a fundraising update.