It’s Getting Busier!!


Big thanks to all our volunteers who have really stepped up to deal with the additional demands at this time. Hold on to your hats boys and girls, it could get even busier!

It’s been a busy week here at DBB as we pass the 1000th request in 2020 for our service from the NHS. With a lot happening in the background, we’ve finally been able to check and verify our activity data for March. (Please note – the Covid-19 numbers are an estimate of the contents of the boxes we’ve moved)



Journeys in March

Miles Travelled in March

Thank You

Thank you to all those offering to come and help with our service in these unprecedented times. Our response to you deserves some explanation.

Some weeks ago, as the progress of the spread of the virus became more apparent, we took the decision to make some significant changes to what we do. Both to comply with the current advice (now law), to keep our volunteers safe and to carry out our essential work to the NHS, and of course, to ‘stop the spread and flatten the curve’.

  1. We stopped all non-essential activity
  2. We cancelled fundraising events
  3. We suspended recruitment and training

Clearly, some of this was to our detriment, but our judgement was, in the short and medium-term, that our volunteer corps and revenue reserves would sustain us. So, despite a small number of our volunteers needing to self-isolate for health reasons, the rest of our great team really stepped up to the challenge, offering more time to help our NHS.

Not only that, but a number of very welcome donations will also help with those fuel costs, up around 31% in March.

In the long term, our fundraising and recruitment will return and we are delighted that some of those offering to help have expressed an interest in joining our service when ‘normal service resumes’.

We know some have found our decision difficult to understand, but this is simply about halting the spread of the virus and keeping our current volunteer team healthy to continue our vital service to the NHS.

Derbyshire Blood Bikes – Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Derbyshire Blood Bikes – Corona Virus (Covid-19)

We are busier than ever with our voluntary service here in Derbyshire, not least because we’re supporting the additional needs of our local NHS during this current health emergency.

Also, the welfare of our volunteers, patients, staff and the public is important and the rapidly changing advice presents a number of challenges and is having a real impact on individual volunteers and our charity.

We have cancelled all our fundraising engagements for the next three months. A number of our supporters have also cancelled events, including a sponsored cycle ride and a theatre performance. We have also cancelled any non-essential parts of our service during this period. This means our fundraising income has gone or has been deferred for several months at a time when our operating costs are increasing.

We also face pressures as some of our volunteers are in the ‘vulnerable’ groups and cannot now help at this time. Sadly, because of the restrictions placed on us all, training new volunteers has been suspended until such time as we can be sure that this can be done safely. Other volunteers are stepping up their contributions so we will have a full team working 24 hours every day.

As we deliver our service, we are taking practical steps to adhere to current advice and agreed best practice;

  • If any of our volunteers have any symptoms, no matter how mild, they have been asked to stand down and self-isolate
  • Our volunteers will take every opportunity to ensure hygiene standards are met by regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitisers
  • Our volunteers will attempt, wherever possible, to maintain social distance. This will include spending as little time as possible within our hospitals
  • When collecting or delivering to wards, any handovers will take place at the doors to the ward and not in clinical areas
  • When delivering medication to a patient at home, they are, by definition, vulnerable in health terms. We will treat all as though they are in self-isolation, and after identity verification, make the delivery on the doorstep, keeping at least 3 meters distance from the patient. We will not ask for a signature on our documents
  • When collecting donated milk, similarly, we will pre-arrange the ‘remote handover’ process, placing an opened transport bag on the doorstep. The donor will put the bottles of frozen milk into the bag and step away. The volunteer will then seal the bag. On arrival at a Milk Bank, we will comply with any handover process put in place by staff.
  • All our journeys will be made in clearly liveried vehicles, operated by and registered to Derbyshire Blood Bikes. Our journeys are classed as ‘essential’ to the operation of NHS services

Should more stringent legal powers be taken by the Government, we hope that our service remains operable within the legislation and we can continue to support our medical services.

Finally, we have some financial contingency that means we can continue our operations during this initial 3-month period but we will closely monitor our operating costs relating to fuel and fleet maintenance. So, an appeal too!

We know that many individuals and businesses may also be finding the current situation difficult, but if there is anyone out there who can help Derbyshire Blood Bikes (or even your local blood bike charity because we know they will all be facing the same challenges), please do so.

If you can help Derbyshire Blood Bikes, please call our general enquiries line on 07470 903215 or Email:

Thank you